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"...picture the serenity of the horses grazing from afar.... and of the sheep lying in the pasture."

I first met Sue and learned of her farm while appearing as Professor Pyg on FOX TV's Gotham.  Sue's experience, knowledge and professionalism on set was clear from the moment I met her. Just as clear was how well cared for all her animals were. And when I needed to find a location to film sequences for my band Loose Cattle's video, it was remembering her easygoing problem solving, and her accommodating and patient attitude that made her my first call. Winfield Farm and the historic house are a little bit of country heaven just a short drive from Manhattan. Sue and her knowledgeable and dedicated staff made us right at home and discussed options with us.   We had some ideas coming in, but when we got into the filming, we were able to do a lot of improvised shots because of the variety of animals and locations all around the property--and because of Sue and her crew's patience and flexibility. When the question was: is there any way we might be able to walk Jack, the sheep, into town and film him in a parking lot, Sue's answer was "sure, we'll figure it out." I can't think of a happier experience than working with Sue and her lovingly cared for animals on the cozy grounds of Winfield Farm. And Sue...she rocks.

Music Video Shot on Location

A Two-time Tony Award and Grammy Winner writes about his experience at Winfield Farm.

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REVIEW: Michael Cerveris . actor/musician
Two-time Tony Award and Grammy Winner

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"Shepherds in A Parking Lot