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Hello , can you believe Jasper is 6 months old already so I just wanted to update you. He is 7.1 lbs and 10 3/4 inch tall. He is so funny and very smart. He sits, stays, lays down and shakes. We are going to start working on roll over. He loves my granddaughter she comes to see him on the weekends and they play all day . His has become quite the watch dog till he greets you than he has to find a toy to carry in his mouth and then he just wants to be picked up by everyone . He hides treats and toys. He definitely is a perfect fit to our family. We could not love him anymore. Thank you for breeding such a wonderful dog. When we first came to meet you and Jasper and we knew right away that you were a very loving and caring Breeder. And he definitely has his Mom, Dads's and grandma's traits. Which we fell in love with. He will be getting neutered on Wednesday, February 19 and will get
chipped. Thanks again


Jasper 6 months old

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Established in 1992, Rosie'’s Petites at Winfield Farms in Washington, New Jersey, breeds excellent quality, uniquely marked Olde English Babydoll sheep and Olde English pocket beagles. We also provide locations for photo and film shoots. 

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Winfield Farms . Washington  . New Jersey